50+ Witty Instagram Captions For Selfies

Are you looking for witty Instagram captions for girlfriend, boyfriend, family and couple? Yes, you are in the right place, here you can find more than 50 witty caption for Instagram for your great selfies and photos.

You can also find hindi IG captions and beach captions for your summer holidays selfies, specially selfies you took on the beach.

Witty Captions for Instagram

  1. You think this is a game?
  2. Weekend, please don’t leave me.
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough.
  4. Be who and what you want, period.
  5. Stay strong, the weekend is coming.
  6. You play Call of Duty? That’s cute.
  7. Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.
  8. The question isn’t can you, it’s will you?
  9. When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels and dance.
  10. Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.
  11. We all start as strangers.
  12. Truth is, I’m crazy for you. And everyone can see that but you.
  13. I act like I’m ok, but I’m really not.
  14. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.
  15. Never cry for that person who doesn’t know the value of your tears.
  16. If I die tomorrow, will you remember me?
  17. Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
  18. Boys are like purses, cute, full of crap, and can always be replaced.
  19. They used to shout my name, now they whisper it.
  20. Stay sharp and far from timid.

Witty Instagram Captions for Couples

Witty Instagram Captions for Couples
  1. We go together like CUPCAKES & FROSTING.
  2. I feel the fragrance of LOVE everywhere when you are near me.
  3. With you, every moment is sweet and memorable.
  4. Like rain, I fell for you.
  5. You make my heart skip a beat.
  6. Together is a wonderful place to be.
  7. You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace.
  8. I love you even when I’m hungry.
  9. Why Fall in Love when you can fall asleep?
  10. That Awkward moment when your crush asks you who is your crush.

Witty Instagram Captions for Beach

  1. Life is better at the Beach!
  2. Eternity begins and ends with the ocean’s tides.
  3. High tides, good vibes
  4. Time spent at the BEACH is never wasted
  5. We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.
  6. I followed my heart and it led me to the BEACH
  7. Good Times and Tan Lines.
  8. Beach days always
  9. Love you to the beach and back.
  10. Salty but sweet

Witty Instagram Captions for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Witty Instagram Captions for Girlfriend
  1. I love the way we look together – as sweet as sugar and as nice as ice.
  2. Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you steal mine.
  3. When people talked about soul mates, I never believed them; until I met you.
  4. I love you; I wrote it with no spaces so there’s no room for anyone else.
  5. I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.
  6. Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be you.
  7. If you are Mine, You are Mine. I don’t like Sharing.
  8. Life is better when you’re laughing.
  9. If you have eyes, look at me now.
  10. I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul.
  11. Hating me doesn’t make you pretty.
  12. I can show you the world.
  13. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I will give it back.
  14. Hey, I just met you, this is crazy.
  15. I love you more than you could ever Imagine.

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